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Tina Fiori Right

Dr. Snibbe and his staff have been there for me in bad times and now i can say good.  I am a climber at heart, mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing and ice climbing.  After summiting Denali in 2013 my body just started taking a turn for the worse.  We couldn’t pin point what it was until i had an MRI done of my pelvis, Dr. Snibbe said i had a torn labrum.  We first tried an invasive way to fix the problem but i was continuing on a downward spiral.  Dr. Snibbe decided with my life style it was best to just replace the hip.  Best decision ever……..I am now in my twelfth week, three weeks after surgery i was able to hike a small hill and now I am hiking 8000 feet and back to rock climbing.  I honestly feel as if I got my life back.  I lost so much of it suffering for so long and to be able to come back stronger and better means the world to someone as athletic as me.  I owe all of this to my determination, hard work, great physical therapists and Dr. Snibbe along with his whole staff.  Their team effort and support has been outstanding.  I plan on heading back to the Himalaya in 2017 to do an 8000 meter peak, Thanks to my new hip this is possible.


Thank You,

Tina Fiori