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Michael McIntyre

I gotta tell you all that Dr. Snibbe is the real deal.  I had really severe osteoarthritis in my left hip joint causing constant severe pain and discomfort.  I work as a freelance television cameraman and the pain while holding cameras and hauling around equipment was getting to be too much.  I was referred to Dr Snibbe by my physical therapist and chiropractor.  Holy Moly was that ever the perfect referral!  I saw him in early January 2015.  Within the first few seconds of meeting him I determined this was the guy to help me out.  I was sold by his friendly and confident demeanor.  After taking x-rays and looking over the bi-lateral hip MRI that I brought in, he determined that I needed a total hip replacement.  The damage was too great for any other course of action to provide adequate relief.  Once he showed me the state of the art dual mobility ball joint prosthetic I was determined to go through with the procedure.  Due to family and work obligations I was unable to do the procedure right away.  I finally got the surgery on July 22, 2015.  As I write this testimonial in November 2015 I am feeling great.  The arthritis pain is gone and I have more range of motion and strength in my left leg than I have had in a long time.  And I’m continuing to work on my hip’s development with continued exercise and therapy.  I am also starting to work again.  Thank you so much Dr. Snibbe.  Your work is impeccable.  I will for sure refer you to others who may need this procedure and I will for sure return for you to help me with my right hip which we determined will need the same procedure down the road.  Keep up the quality work.  Those of us suffering from arthritic hip pain thank you.

Mike M