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Barbara Giroux

I have the utmost appreciation and respect for the fact that Dr. Snibee is not quick to rush to the OR. When I first went to see Dr. Snibbe about knee pain he evaluated my knee, my lifestyle and activity level , and what limitations I may or may not be experiencing. Then he said “not yet”. Thus last summer when he said it was time I scheduled the surgery with confidence.

Likewise, when I presented with what turned out to be bilateral shoulder tendonosis and some tissue tears. Dr Snibbe said “not yet” to surgical intervention and recommended other options. Both shoulders healed without surgery.

Dr. Snibbe is a gifted physician and surgeon. I am grateful for his deep knowledge and expertise. His calm, patience and engaging manner are an added bonus A great Doctor must have a great staff. Marco ,his assistant, and Jennifer,Dr. Snibee’s PA are kind,knowledgeable and quickly respond to patients inquiries and needs.

Thanks again for everything.

Barbara Giroux

PS. I wore 2 inch heels last night! And did pretty well!