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What type of anesthesia will I receive for my surgery?

The Anesthetic Experience with Snibbe Orthopedics

Any patient undergoing a procedure with Dr. Snibbe that would require sedation/anesthesia, should know that his team only works with Board Certified Anesthesiologists that specialize in the care of Orthopedic patients.  His anesthesia physicians work hand-in-hand with him to insure that the patients are not only asleep and safe during their procedures, but also have little or no pain in the post operative period.  In order to insure that our patients awaken from anesthesia comfortably, Dr. Snibbe prefers, whenever possible, for the patients to receive Regional Anesthesia versus General Anesthesia.  Regional anesthesia differs from general anesthesia in that a breathing tube is not placed and, instead, the patient is given an injection in order to numb the operative site (i.e. arm or leg) for a period of 24 hours.  This method provides the patient  a comfortable post operative period with little to no pain.

Regardless whether someone receives General or Regional Anesthesia, all the patients are asleep for their respective procedure.  It is our experience that if Regional Anesthesia is employed our patients overall receive less medication to remain asleep, usually do not require a breathing tube and have a smoother and less painful recovery with minimal to no side effects that are typical of general anesthesia (i.e. nausea, vomiting, sore throat).  If anyone for whatever reason cannot have or does not desire to have Regional Anesthesia, a General Anesthetic will be provided.   This is determined by Dr. Snibbe and the anesthesiologist at the time of your surgery.