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Dr. Jason Snibbe

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Jason Snibbe is a board certified, orthopedic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills with fellowship training in Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement Surgery. He performs surgery on the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee. His practice has a special focus on hip preservation and reconstructive surgery. He specializes in hip preservation techniques using advanced arthroscopic hip surgery. He also performs minimally invasive hip and knee replacements which allow patients an accelerated recovery.

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Depending on your injury, surgery may be a necessary step in your recovery process. A surgical procedure is commonly recommended for a person who has failed conservative treatment such as medications, activity modifications, physical therapy, and who continues to have pain.

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Barbara Giroux Right Total Knee Arthoplasty

I have the utmost appreciation and respect for the fact that Dr. Snibee is not quick to rush to the OR. When I first went to see Dr. Snibbe about knee pain he evaluated my knee, my lifestyle and activity level , and what limitations I may or may not be experiencing. Then he said “not yet”. Thus last summer when he said it was time I scheduled the surgery with confidence.

Likewise, when I presented with what turned out to be bilateral shoulder tendonosis and some tissue tears. Dr Snibbe said “not yet” to surgical intervention and recommended other options. Both shoulders healed without surgery.

Dr. Snibbe is a gifted physician and surgeon. I am grateful for his deep knowledge and expertise. His calm, patience and engaging manner are an added bonus A great Doctor must have a great staff. Marco ,his assistant, and Jennifer,Dr. Snibee’s PA are kind,knowledgeable and quickly respond to patients inquiries and needs.

Thanks again for everything.

Barbara Giroux

PS. I wore 2 inch heels last night! And did pretty well!

Michael McIntyre Left Total Hip Arthoplasty

I gotta tell you all that Dr. Snibbe is the real deal.  I had really severe osteoarthritis in my left hip joint causing constant severe pain and discomfort.  I work as a freelance television cameraman and the pain while holding cameras and hauling around equipment was getting to be too much.  I was referred to Dr Snibbe by my physical therapist and chiropractor.  Holy Moly was that ever the perfect referral!  I saw him in early January 2015.  Within the first few seconds of meeting him I determined this was the guy to help me out.  I was sold by his friendly and confident demeanor.  After taking x-rays and looking over the bi-lateral hip MRI that I brought in, he determined that I needed a total hip replacement.  The damage was too great for any other course of action to provide adequate relief.  Once he showed me the state of the art dual mobility ball joint prosthetic I was determined to go through with the procedure.  Due to family and work obligations I was unable to do the procedure right away.  I finally got the surgery on July 22, 2015.  As I write this testimonial in November 2015 I am feeling great.  The arthritis pain is gone and I have more range of motion and strength in my left leg than I have had in a long time.  And I’m continuing to work on my hip’s development with continued exercise and therapy.  I am also starting to work again.  Thank you so much Dr. Snibbe.  Your work is impeccable.  I will for sure refer you to others who may need this procedure and I will for sure return for you to help me with my right hip which we determined will need the same procedure down the road.  Keep up the quality work.  Those of us suffering from arthritic hip pain thank you.

Mike M

Tina Fiori Right Right Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Snibbe and his staff have been there for me in bad times and now i can say good.  I am a climber at heart, mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing and ice climbing.  After summiting Denali in 2013 my body just started taking a turn for the worse.  We couldn’t pin point what it was until i had an MRI done of my pelvis, Dr. Snibbe said i had a torn labrum.  We first tried an invasive way to fix the problem but i was continuing on a downward spiral.  Dr. Snibbe decided with my life style it was best to just replace the hip.  Best decision ever……..I am now in my twelfth week, three weeks after surgery i was able to hike a small hill and now I am hiking 8000 feet and back to rock climbing.  I honestly feel as if I got my life back.  I lost so much of it suffering for so long and to be able to come back stronger and better means the world to someone as athletic as me.  I owe all of this to my determination, hard work, great physical therapists and Dr. Snibbe along with his whole staff.  Their team effort and support has been outstanding.  I plan on heading back to the Himalaya in 2017 to do an 8000 meter peak, Thanks to my new hip this is possible.


Thank You,

Tina Fiori


I am extremely satisfied with the results of my surgery. I was amazed how quickly I have recovered. Even the in house physical therapist could not believe I was walking without the walker less than one week after the surgery. I have already referred two patients to him.